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The ears receive sounds and send them to the brain that translates the sounds into meaning. You don’t hear with the ears, you hear with the brain. When you have a hearing loss, your ears have difficulty picking up sounds and your brain tries to fill in the gaps.

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Even with your brain working hard, it can be incredibly difficult, not to mention exhausting, to keep up with and participate in what is going on around you.

The New Big Thing – BrainHearing™ technology can help the brain make sense of sound

Oticon hearing aids feature BrainHearing technology, designed to support your brain and help it make sense of sound, with less effort. For you, this could mean keeping up with fast-flowing conversation between friends, family and colleagues is easier and more enjoyable.

The partnership between your ears, brain and hearing aids is fundamental to Oticon and is unrivaled in the health care industry.

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“Dear Mr Williamson,
The general trend seems to criticise and complained so we’ve decided to be different and we write to say how very appreciative we are to you for you warm welcome whenever we come, sensitivity and kindness. Thank you so very much for making so much effort to help John all you could to give some of his hearing back and do all you possibly could to help in every way. We’ll always remember you for all you have done and of course your dear receptionist too who also helped in every way she could too.
God bless you both,
Mr and Mrs Steven, Orpington”

“The Service I received from Hidden Hearing was outstanding. The consultant was very knowledgeable and professional.

I felt comfortable to voice my problem, he was patient and very understanding. The follow-up was prompt, which I really appreciated as I was having problems with the filter in my new hearing aid. This was sorted out quickly. He even gave me a quick home visit appointment, when my daughter wasn’t able to travel to Bromley. Overall I am very satisfied.”

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    Dr Hilary Jones